Factors To Consider When Buying An Air Purifier For Pharmaceutical Industry

Are you looking to buy a reliable air purifier for pharmaceutical products? You may consider some factors when buying it. Invest some time before making any choice.

Filter efficiency and area coverage

It is essential to keep in mind that the square footage capacity mentioned on the product must be bigger than the footage of the area in square meters where you wish to use it. You need to determine what kind of contaminants might be there in the air. This will help in making the right choice. When you read the specifications of certain products, you will know that certain types of filters are meant to eliminate certain kinds of contaminants.

The cost of replacing the filter

If you are buying HEPA filter, make sure you calculate the cost of filter replacement. The cost of running the air purifier is not the only cost associated here. Regular maintenance and care are also needed. To maintain the functionality of the unit, you may be required to change the filter from time to time.

What is the energy usage?

The air purifier you choose must not consume a lot of energy. Look for its star rating and choose an energy efficient unit.