Factors To Consider When Buying An Air Purifier For Pharmaceutical Industry

Are you looking to buy a reliable air purifier for pharmaceutical products? You may consider some factors when buying it. Invest some time before making any choice.

Filter efficiency and area coverage

It is essential to keep in mind that the square footage capacity mentioned on the product must be bigger than the footage of the area in square meters where you wish to use it. You need to determine what kind of contaminants might be there in the air. This will help in making the right choice. When you read the specifications of certain products, you will know that certain types of filters are meant to eliminate certain kinds of contaminants.

The cost of replacing the filter

If you are buying HEPA filter, make sure you calculate the cost of filter replacement. The cost of running the air purifier is not the only cost associated here. Regular maintenance and care are also needed. To maintain the functionality of the unit, you may be required to change the filter from time to time.

What is the energy usage?

The air purifier you choose must not consume a lot of energy. Look for its star rating and choose an energy efficient unit.

For what purpose is this Air filter to serve?

Size of room

With any air cleaner for industrial purposes, it’s important to make sure you’re purchasing one that’s designed to clean the air in the space you require. It’s no use buying a small unit that can’t cycle the air enough times to effectively clean the size of room you bought it for.

Potential toxins in the air

If you’re reading this page, it’s clear you’re buying this air purifier for use in an pharmacy, or some sort of pharmaceutical production facility. So, the first order of priority is to find one that can clean the air of micro organisms effectively. You need a small particle filter like a HEPA filter…but not just any HEPA filter, it must be a medical grade one so you can be sure it cleans down to the level you require in a laboratory setting.

Inhabitants and their problems

One other thing to consider is your employees, or possibly even yourself. Do any of you suffer more than the others from the toxins in the air? Do they suffer from allergies that have nothing to do with the harmful toxins that your work produces? You may want to consider placing an air purifier closer to their work station, or at least make sure that a fan is blowing the clean air towards their work station so as to give them the maximum effect of the clean air. After all, you don’t want your employee sneezing over vital equipment or medications. At the very least, allergies can be draining to work with and in many cases can be as bad as having a cold or the flu – seriously inhibiting their production levels.


Medical grade Air Purifiers for super clean rooms

There are not many choices when it comes to super powerful air cleaners that are capable of filtering the air to standards saught by medical institutes like hospitals. And lets face it, this is what you’re after being in the medical field, whether you’re handling drugs that people will be taking orally or even producing those drugs, you need the air to not just be clean, but uber clean.

So, with this in mind, I think I can only recommend one such device that hospitals and medical centres alike tend to gravitate towards  and that’s the IQ Air Healthpro Plus. 

Not only has the healthpro plus won numerous awards from the medical field, but it continues to adapt and improve. A 2018 model is now appartently 40% more effective than the original incarnation of the device. IQ Air keep finding ways to improve their patented filter tech. Not only have they made their very own patented HEPA filter, but it kicks all other HEPA filters into touch. Almost 30% more effective at cleaning particles down to 0.3 microns in width…and believe me, that is tiny.  Well, I don’t need to tell you how tiny that is, as you work in the medical field and probably know how to use a microscope and stuff like that.

Whilst the IQ Air Healthpro plus may not be the cheapest air purifier in town, you have to go for the best – and I don’t think there’s many people on the planet that will disagree that this is most definitely the best air cleaner in the world right now. It doesn’t get perfect user reviews on amazon, mostly because of the hefty price tag. I think the people giving it less than 5 star scores are expecting due to the price that it will cure all their allergies overnight, which simply isn’t possible for any device. It can make your affliction livable with but it won’t cure you entirely.